TUT Product Profile

In today's construction industry you need every advantage. That means keeping a competitive edge in controlling job costs, minimizing overhead, and enhancing profitability. Now you can have these advantages and more, with TUT from J. Meidl Systems.

Custom Designed for Masons: TUT Software is designed exclusively for Mason Contractors. Years of working closely with the industry’s most successful leaders and companies have provided us with extensive knowledge of the special needs and business practices of the Mason Contractor.

Complete Integrated Solution: Our "easy to use" Accounting and Estimating Software provides solutions for every phase of your operation. Our package includes: Payroll, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Estimating. Each of these modules are part of a fully integrated, "enter-it-once" software solution. With one simple entry on your system, these facts are automatically posted everywhere necessary. Imagine the efficiency of "enter-it- once" and you are done!

TUT grows with your company: It is very important that TUT will grow with your business and computer needs. Originally created by Jim Meidl, the system is constantly being enhanced and redesigned to meet the ever changing business requirements of the masonry industry and utilize the latest advances in computer technology. You will NEVER outgrow TUT. We pride ourselves in offering the best accounting and estimating software value on the market. [Return to Top of Page]

TUT Modules [Return to Top of Page]

Payroll: Payroll is the largest and most comprehensive of the applications. Built in are special features to facilitate multiple jobs, multiple pay rates different jobs, multiple pay rates same job, 2 or more states same week, multiple workers compensation classifications same week, certified jobs, prevailing wage jobs, and union controlled jobs, all these conditions on the same check. The payroll then updates the hours, money, taxes, burden, and unit production to the employee records, jobs, cost codes, and the general ledger. Also tracked are 941, W2, 401K, loans, garnishments, union benefits, and much more. [Return to Top of Page]

Accounts Payable: TUT provides a simple, efficient method of entering and paying the bills. Cash flow management, vendor price verification, duplicate invoice detection, and over buying of materials are easily controlled in a timely manner. Our "open the mail and enter the invoices" design keeps paper handling to a minimum and job cost accurate and up to date. Completely integrated with dollars, units, and prices from estimating, the Accounts Payable System provides the ultimate in job expense tracking while requiring less effort than you currently use to just pay the bills. [Return to Top of Page]

Job Cost: The job costing module is an inquiry and reporting application focused on period ending date. Using the Job Cost Application will improve your project profitability and control and at the same time will increase your estimating accuracy. Since the Job Cost information is integrated with all the other applications, it is complete, accurate, and up to date. The system provides calculations which help identify potential cost variances while there is still time to make corrections. Among the many useful features of this application are multiple levels of information detail, five different report formats, and job analysis at any time with complete and detailed history. [Return to Top of Page]

Accounts Receivable: The Accounts Receivable system maintains current and accurate information on accounts receivable balances. Information on customer bills is automatically posted to all other areas of the system, such as job cost, and the general ledger. This application will improve your cash flow, increase your clerical efficiency and productivity, and track your outstanding Receivables. This part of the system will even produce aging reports and over/under billed reports. [Return to Top of Page]

General Ledger: The ease and efficiency of the system is made clear when you take advantage of the general ledger application. The General Ledger records all the entries produced by all the other applications. You get accurate financial reports with very little additional effort. The software system comes with a full set of financial reports which will make analyzing financial conditions simple. The General Ledger features everything you need to run your accounting department: accrual based accounting, pre-defined chart of accounts, standard financial reports, recurring journal entries, and monthly budget definition and tracking. [Return to Top of Page]

Estimating: The Estimating package is designed specifically for estimating masonry construction projects. This application will produce more accurate and efficient estimates that will result in increased sales and profitability. The system has several easy to use modules that help you determine everything your estimate will need, from crew requirements to materials pricing. The Estimate Worksheet calculates and prints a detailed estimate including factors like waste, productivity, rounding and price extensions. And best of all, when you get the job, the estimate automatically posts to the Job Cost area of the system. [Return to Top of Page]

Hardware Requirements



• Pentium 266, 64MB RAM 

• 10 GB IDE hard drive - at least 250 MB available

• 14" SVGA Color Monitor .28 pt

• 1 parallel

• 3 1/2" 1.44 MB Floppy drive, CD Rom drive

• Windows 98 / Mouse / Keyboard / Case


• 56K Data Internal Modem

• Tape Backup

• 80/132 Column dot matrix printer




• Pentium 500 or faster with 128MB RAM (Win98), 256MB RAM (Windows XP)

• 20+ GB IDE hard drive - at least 500 MB available

• 15" SVGA Color Monitor .28 pt

• 1 parallel

• 3 1/2" 1.44 MB Floppy drive, CD RW drive


• HP Laserjet 4,5,6 (tray sheet feeders, not ones that stack paper upright)

or HP Laser 2100, 4000, 4050 (Best - prints 17+ pages per minute)

or HP Deskjet 870C (almost any deskjet - NOT the 820)

• DSL Capabilities

• 20+ GB Tape Backup


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