About J. Meidl Systems, Inc.

Corporation Profile

Since itís founding in 1974, J. Meidl Systems, Inc., has been producing solutions that work on PC's and networks. Our highly regarded professionals provide consulting, hardware selection, programming, installation, training, and continuing support services. We do it all. Our clients need no other source for computer related assistance. They have peace of mind that one call to our support "HOT LINE" will resolve any issue. Our time tested system provides the direction and control your business needs to guide it down the road to success.

Computer Professionals: Since its founding in 1974, J. Meidl Systems, Inc. has been producing software solutions for single and multi-user environments. Our highly regarded experts provide Consulting, Design, Hardware Selection, Programming, Installation, Training, and Continuing Support Services.

Business Management Experience: The future of your business is dependent upon your successful move to computerization, a necessary change involving an investment of both time and money. Why take a chance on an unproved solution? Years of working closely with several of the Masonry Industry's most successful leaders and companies has provided us with extensive knowledge of the business practices necessary for success. We have incorporated this experience into the design of our Masonry Management System. Our system has proven over time, it's ability to provide the direction and control your business needs to help guide it down the road to success.

Single Source Responsibility:We do it all. Most of our clients need no other source of computer related assistance. They have peace-of-mind knowing that one call to our support "Hot Line" will resolve their problem. We provide all services necessary to implement contemporary solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

On-Site Installation/Training:To help insure a smooth system conversion, installation and training at your office, on your computer, are offered. This deluxe training option is in addition to our normal remote technical services. The Ultimate Tool was designed and developed by our staff to assure the highest level of "Enter-It-Once", modular integration and consistency of operation.

Technical Support Services:A truly complete solution requires responsive service and reliable support. Our support personnel are trained to identify and resolve customer inquiries using advanced remote diagnostic tools. We are committed to work closely with you to help you solve problems in a timely manner.

Loyal Satisfied Users: Our reputation for excellence in the area of software solutions for the Masonry Construction Industry began in 1977. We are sensitive to each client's special needs, and attribute our steady growth and stability to personal attention. We urge you to contact any of our reference clients, all successful, well-managed companies. Together we make a powerful team. Let us get to know and help you. References supplied upon request.