Merry Christmas - Here is your new W2 form!

Most of you know by now that the W2 forms have changed for 2001.  See W2 Filing for details.  Computers continue to get faster and cheaper.  Now for about $900 you can get a Pentium 4 at 1,300 MHz. Quite fast as several customers now have them.  Any time you are considering an equipment upgrade, we encourage you to call for consultation.  Our hardware expertise is part of support.  


I included the Printers section again, 4p laser W2’s are quite nice but require certain printers.  Folks continue to buy “home” quality printers which just plain fall short of commercial needs. 


We have a new upgrade available via www.tutsoftware.com.  The update process for TUT is virtually automatic except on Windows 2000.  The new revision is 6.10.01.  October(10), 1, 2001(6). While there will be another update before the end of the year, please install this upgrade as the process requires all update to be done in order.  While many have sent in their Support user count reports, many have not – see Support Update section.


"TUT ALERT" has been put on the back burner until next summer.  We will try to release updates timed with the quarterly “Tut Talks” announcements.  Please note that the “W2 Forms Update” will be released by Dec 31, 2001.  Internet is here to stay – Get Connected & check our web site often.  http://tutsoftware.com


Now some specific issues:


Support Update

Starting with 3rd Quarter bills, support pricing is now based on a formula using the number of people on payroll each week.  If your bill shows the number of users to be 999 you have not run the “Support Update” report and as a result you bill was for $300 the maximum amount charged.  Many have paid the $300 without noticing the user count.  We will make credit adjustments provided you get the reports in before Dec 31, 2001.  Please follow these instructions: 


Upgrade to at lease 6.4.25 or better to 6.10.01

From the main menu select “System Utilities”

From that menu select “Support Update”

At the warning select “Run Report”

Fax the resulting report to 800-646-6885




W2 Filing

The W2 forms have changed.  We will have the new programming completed by the end of December.  Transform Technologies has already provided us with test forms to program to.  Please get your forms from them, as they know which of the many available we will support.  Many are getting the “Electronic Filing” itch.  While this is good – new Federal requirements include the need for a “Pin” number for the designated filer from your company.  This is available via internet from the SS administration – we have a link on the web site under “Support” to help you find it.  Paper filers only need worry about getting the right new forms.  We currently do not support state electronic W2 filing because of the lack of uniformity between states.


Check Reconciliation

Check Reconciliation has received outstanding reviews from our customers.  We encourage more of you to give it a try.  Instructions are available via our web site under Support.


E - Fax / E – Mail

TUT support faxes continue to be “E-Faxed” to us at help@tutsoftware.com.  Our history of all the support requests has been extremely valuable.  Many have begun to E–Mail for help directly instead of faxing.  It is a great tool for getting quick answers to short questions without having to talk.  However, one problem has arisen.  We often can not figure out, from your email name, who you are.  We want to help – give us at least a phone number or company name to work with.



Windows 98se / Windows Me / Windows 2000

This is an ever changing area.  Maybe we should include XP already. 


Windows Me has proven to be most undesirable. It has frequent problems and seems to loose or change settings at will.  We have developed some work arounds, but generally avoid ME if possible. 


Windows 98 second edition (Win98se) in the very best out there.  Many companies including Gateway 2000 still offer it with new computers.  If you can, insist on Win98se.  It is very TUT friendly. 


Windows 2000 is quite a bit different from previous Windows versions, as it is an NT upgrade NOT an upgrade to Win98.  There are specific testing programs, which will tell you how much trouble an upgrade might present.  Unless you have some specific problem with Win98se, upgrading is still not recommended.  Windows 2000 workstations have a definite problem working with Novel 3.X servers.  We have also had problems with the InstallShield upgrade software working with Windows 2000.  Please stay away from Windows 2000 and Windows ME if you can. 



Printers - Again

Selecting a new printer is harder than it should be.  All the “deals” on combo fax/scanner/copier/printers and ink jet printers only serve to throw you off course.  If you want one, fine, but not as your primary business printer.  Tut requires Commercial Duty cycles and HP PCL printer control language. (Tutsoftware.com  – Tut Talks - “Hal says Hi” for details)   For $399 the HP LaserJet 1200se is considered the minimum.  We are not asking you to go out and get a new printer, but when the need arises, please select one of the same type printers we now require of new customers.



Just a reminder:            moreinfo@tutsoftware.com            (sales)

                                    help@tutsoftware.com                        (bob & Jim)

                                    jim@tutsoftware.com                (yours truly)


Your ideas & suggestions are needed as we strive to exceed your expectations.




Jim Meidl, President