Yes, You Are Y3K  Compatible!!

No one seems concerned about it.  In fact, until Y10K, if the earth still exists then, TUT will continue to work fine.  It is only from users of other accounting software that we still hear about Y2K issues.  "Construction Manager" by Software Shops (now GEAC) continues to have problems.  There are several mason contractors among these users.  We have converted a few already and urge you to please pass on the names of any other struggling "Y2K victims" on to us.


Many of you have been getting your upgrades via www.tutsoftware.com.  Our custom version of "InstallShield Professional" has made the installing of TUT updates virtually automatic.  Everyone who has tried it, has been very pleased.


The companion service we started called "TUT ALERT" has not had the participation we expected.  We have re-thought the concept and will now offer both email and FAX delivery of the update alert notices.  Please sign up with either a Fax to 800-646-6885 or an email to help@tutsoftware.com and we will add you to the proper list.  It is important that you are on one list or the other.


More "Free" Internet options are available every day.  Get "Connected".


We must be doing some things right, as May was our quietest support month per customer ever.  Good job Bob and Robby in training and support.


Now some specific issues:



We continue to receive many inquiries about printers. To simplify things, I am now recommending the 10 ppm Hp2100se laser ~ $699 for companies of 100 men per week or less and the 17 ppm Hp4050se ~ $1,150 for those over 100.  These printers are available through Office Depot, Office Max, Etc or by calling 1-800-InSight for Insight Direct out of Phoenix, Az.


Bigger TUT is now possible


For monitors where the geometry is 800x600 or greater,  it is now possible to change the font that TUT uses.  This will result in TUT increasing in size by up to 50%.  This change must be made directly onto your desk top and can not be just downloaded as an upgrade.  Fax support for an appointment.


Windows 2000 - Ready to go!


We now have installed Win 2000 on a work station in our office, installed TUT, and did some light testing.  All went fine.  Some tweaking of Win 2000 was required.  Please understand that Win2000 is NOT being marketed as an upgrade to Win98.  There are specific testing programs which will tell you how much trouble an upgrade might present.  Unless you have some specific problem with Win98, upgrading is still not recommended.  If it comes with a new machine, fine, just read the "Services beyond Support" section closely.


Services beyond Support


TUT has been a product now for almost 10 years and our customer retention rate continues to be exceptionally high.  Recently there have been an increasing number of requests for types of assistance which fall outside the scope of annual product support.  We have struggled with how to fund these services in a fair and professional manner.  They are often one time events and can require quite a range of effort to complete.  Until we get a better suggestion, we will begin charging by the hour for the following services.


Retraining of Operators:  You should always have 2 people trained on how to operate TUT.  However , sometimes things just happen, and there is a void in who know how to do what.  We have produced a new training manual that is working very well.  It is available upon request in CD form.


Setting Up New Computers:  About every three years or so, folks upgrade their computers.  The problem is that they pay some local guy to move TUT over.  Most of our users then call us to fix and/or finish the job.  Please just give us the first shot at doing it right the first time.


Local Networking Experts:  While I'm sure there are a lot of good qualified people out there, most are not familiar with TUT's requirements and manage to cause some foul up requiring us to come in and re-do the TUT stuff.


While these specific items come to mind, please be aware that we are proficient in  many computer related areas and we want to be responsive in providing the type of services that our customers require to operate efficiently and professionally.  Some of them are just needed on a "pay for when needed" basis.  Again, all ideas are encouraged.




Web Help


We are in the process of building a "How To Do?  /  Frequently Asked Questions" Web and CD help system.  Please submit the things that you have trouble remembering how to do, so we can include them in our project. 


Coming Features


Check Reconciliation will be completed this 3rd quarter, also the ability to post Labor and Burden cost codes through AP.  Please submit other requests via Fax as summer is our most productive time for programming changes.


Just a reminder:     moreinfo@tutsoftware.com              (grace)

                           help@tutsoftware.com           (bob & robby)

                           jim@tutsoftware.com             (yours truly)


Your ideas and suggestions are encouraged as we strive to exceed your expectations.




Jim Meidl, President