Hello  Y2K  Survivors!!

You made it!  I knew you would.  We did have a few small bugs which we were able to quickly fix and distribute via our web site and new installation software.  I think everyone was quite pleased with the TUT survivability of Y2K.


Not everyone was so lucky!  The users of "Construction Manager" by Software Shops (now GEAC) are currently really struggling with the "untested" new software rushed out to make the Y2K deadline.  There are several mason contractors among these companies.  We have converted 2 of these mason contractors already and would urge any of you who know of any other struggling "Construction Manager" users to please pass their names on to us.


As most of you now know, we have been making upgrades available via our Web page ( www.tutsoftware.com ).  We are now pleased to announce that we have completed our own custom version of "InstallShield Professional".  This product will do the installing of TUT updates virtually automatically.  For Network customers you will have to answer only one question the first time you update with the new software.  This is a real step forward in the making of TUT updates more accessible and timely for everyone.


A new service we are starting up is called "TUT ALERT".  It's purpose is to provide an effective and, when necessary,  immediate ability to notify users of news relating to TUT.  All you have to do to register is to send an email to us

( help@tutsoftware.com ) and we will add your email mailbox to our "ALERT" email list.


For those of you who are not yet interested in the Internet, please realize that K-Mart will give you a cd to help you get FREE internet and an email box.  Now how much more mainstream American can you get than K-Mart Free Internet.


Some folks have phoned and/or emailed ( jim@tutsoftware ) me as a means of asking for support.  Please direct such emails to ( help@tutsoftware.com ) as I have been ill ever since the national convention and you probably have wondered when you would hear back from me.  I'm sorry your requests have fallen through "my" crack, but we have Bob and Rob here everyday, all day, ready to help.  They just need to know you need help, fax or email them. 



Finally two general computer issues:


Ink Jet Printers


Please understand that while business has enjoyed real savings from the boom in home PCs that there are still two distinct printer products out there.  Home user printers (generally ink jets) cost under $350, will have 100 sheet or less paper trays and can be expected to last 12,000 pages lifetime at best.  Commercial printers (generally laser) cost from $600 to $1,200, will have 500 sheet paper trays, and can be expected to print over 100,000 pages before servicing which will ready them for another 100,000.  These are not the same product.  Companies need commercial printers.


Windows 2000


We will soon begin testing TUT under Windows 2000.  I would hope that you would resist going out to get it yourself until we have had some time (maybe 90 days) to get used to it ourselves, so we can be of some help when you try it.  As of now I know of no reason why anyone would need to get it.  But as with Win98, I'm sure soon you may not be able to a new system without it.


Just a reminder:     moreinfo@tutsoftware.com              (grace)

                           help@tutsoftware.com           (bob & robby)

                           jim@tutsoftware.com             (yours truly)


Your ideas and suggestions are encouraged as we strive to exceed your expectations.




Jim Meidl, President