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T.U.T. Program Update Download Instructions
1. For Windows Server Network users, double click the Procontrol Icon on the server desktop and press the stop button in order to stop the databases.

2. For users with TUT on several machines that are not networked (connected), copy the program to a single disk and then install on the other machines.

3. Using Windows Explorer, go to the directory where the Update was downloaded, or A drive if you are installing from a disk, and double click on the TUT#####.exe icon.

4. The first time the Installation is performed, the program will determine how many drives contain TUT.  If there is only one drive with TUT on it, the installation will run all by itself.  If there are two or more drives with TUT on them, the program will prompt you to select which drive you want to be updated. Select that drive by inserting a check in the box using your mouse.  Once the drive has been selected the program will run by itself to completion.

5. Upon completion of the installation, if there were no errors, the program will finish on it's own.  If there were errors then the Readme file will be displayed, print the file by choosing FILE on the Menu bar and selecting the print option. Fax the printout along with a company cover page to J. Meidl Systems, Inc. (800) 646-6885.

Download time is 10 to 20 min with a 28.8 connection.
Installation time is approximately 15 min

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